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Golden Goose Sneakers Shop Christmas - The Weather Channel has been working hard to improve its mobile experience, with a new iPad app, a revamped iPhone app, and now a brand new Windows Phone app for Lumia devices. The WP app for Lumia will have features exclusive to Lumia owners for the next three to six months, at which point the same features will be ported Golden Goose Sneakers Shop Christmas over to the old Windows Phone app, available to all.Along with support for seven languages, the app will offer improved alert functionality and a new augmented reality feature. The Augmented reality feature allows you to check out the weather through your camera using photos submitted by users in your area. So, for example, if you pointed your phone’s camera at Golden Goose Sneakers Shop Christmas the Empire State Building, and someone had just posted a photo of it in the rain, your screen would show that user’s photo and the accompanying weather in your display.The app also provides channels for you to chat with friends about weather in your or their area. But perhaps the most important social feature is Weather Alerts for your friends, Golden Goose Sneakers Shop Christmas alerting you if any of your friends or family are under a sever weather threat.Lumia users will also get a bit better at planning out their lives thanks to the “My Amazing Day” feature on the new app. Users will be able to specify weather conditions for certain activities (between 70 and 80 degrees, low pollen for a picnic in Golden Goose Sneakers Shop Christmas the park, or rainy and cold for a day spent reading indoors). The TWC app will then notify you ten days out that Tuesday looks like the perfect day for your picnic, or that Saturday’s conditions will be perfect for your planned reading day.In a few months, all Windows Phone users will have access to the new language support, along Golden Goose Sneakers Shop Christmas with the ability to add live tiles with weather-triggered backgrounds to the phone’s homescreen. Users will also be able to track their favorite weather moments by checking out TWC’s gallery of user-generated photos, or upload their own photos.But for now, loyal Nokia users will be the only lucky cool kids with access to TWC’s new WP app.This slideshow requires JavaScript. .

The live streaming app Periscope is just one of the ways people can get an unadulterated look to see what’s going on in Baltimore. Riots erupted Monday following the funeral of Freddie Gray, the 25-year-old black man who died from injuries sustained during an arrest. Peaceful protests soon turned violent as dozens of cars Golden Goose Sneakers Shop Christmas and buildings were set ablaze by rioters.Journalists flocked to the scene and some are broadcasting the events through Periscope. But a problem some Periscope users might have is deciding who to follow. Luckily, International Business Times has compiled a short list of accounts to watch.1. Paul Lewis, The Guardian One of Lewis’ live streams Golden Goose Sneakers Shop Christmas was uploaded to YouTube. For those who aren’t familiar with the app, viewers can join the conversation and their comments will appear on the front of the video. The YouTube video shows how it works. Lewis interviewed one citizen who runs a local shelter and said the people who are rioting are not bad people. Golden Goose Sneakers Shop Christmas “My heart is broken for my city,” she said. “This hurts.”2. Tom Fitzgerald, WTTG/Fox 5 Fitzgerald is reporting from Baltimore and covered the Orioles game. Though it wasn’t canceled, the Birds and the Chicago White Sox played in an empty stadium since fans were not allowed to attend because of the riots. LIVE on #Periscope: Golden Goose Sneakers Shop Christmas Live. Camden Yards in #Baltimore— Tom Fitzgerald (@FitzFox5DC) April 29, 20153. Rajini Vaidyanathan, BBC News Vaidyanathan, also stationed in Baltimore, will give viewers a look at what it’s like to walk down the streets of the embattled city during the day. She has shared numerous photos of the military and police presence in Golden Goose Sneakers Shop Christmas Baltimore and also has her own live feed.  LIVE on #Periscope: #Baltimore police and troops at national harbour @bbcnewsus.— Rajini Vaidyanathan (@rajiniv) April 29, 20154. Wesley Lowery, Washington PostThe reporter has been active on various social media networks while covering the riots and protests in Baltimore. Snapchat, Twitter and Periscope have all been Golden Goose Sneakers Shop Christmas used by Lowery as tools for communication and sharing. His feed for Periscope was active during the curfew Tuesday night, but some of his posts still appear on Snapchat.LIVE on #Periscope: Baltimore City Hall - as Freddie Gray protests continue— Wesley Lowery (@WesleyLowery) April 29, 2015Follow me on Twitter @mariamzzarella .