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Hogan Donna Shop Christmas - Facebook is taking photo curation to next level. You can now favorite your own photos to make them appear 4X larger in a revamped Photos section of your profile. The redesign that rolls out over the next few days also sees a much better navigation system that first brings you to “photos of you” or whomever’s profile you’re Hogan Donna Shop Christmas on, instead of a list of albums.The update doesn’t automatically feature the most beloved photos on your Timeline based on Likes and comments, the way Google+ now does in its news feed on tablet. Still, it digitizes a natural behavior of how we interact with photos in the physical world — making big prints of our Hogan Donna Shop Christmas favorites.Today’s redesign brings the Facebook profile’s photos section closer to the layout from before Timeline. Since Timeline launched, when you clicked through to see photos, Facebook forced you to choose between a huge set of albums and buried tagged photos at the bottom of the page. Now the photos section accessible via the “Photos” tile beneath Hogan Donna Shop Christmas the Timeline cover is sensibly broken into three tabs:“Photos of You” or “Photos of [Friend’s Name]” – this is the default view“Photos” that someone has uploaded individually but aren’t tagged in“Albums”Considering you’re usually most interested in tagged photos of friends, especially when you first become friends with someone, the redesign gives you access to the most relevant content Hogan Donna Shop Christmas first.To make sure friends see the photos where you look the best or where you exhibit your photographer skills, you can hover over a photo and click “highlight” to instantly boost it to four times the size in a pretty snazzy little animation. Facebook already had this feature for your Timeline posts including, but enlarging a Hogan Donna Shop Christmas status update or link isn’t nearly as useful and the feature is a better fit for the dedicated photos section.There’s no automatic curation by Likes, comments, and clicks, which Facebook could surely do. In fact, Facebook already does this in the news feed, enlarged the most engaging shot when you share a couple photos at once.An option Hogan Donna Shop Christmas to let Facebook handle highlighting and have me approve its picks could be great for helping / squeezing more clicks out of friends of those less keen on curation. For now though, you should take a quick flip through your old photos and star the best ones. No need to give those double chins as much Hogan Donna Shop Christmas space as your best smiles.Want to know what Facebook’s going to do next? Get the scoop straight from the company’s leaders by attending our Facebook Ecosystem CrunchUp this Friday. .

After a video went viral showing a Baltimore mother berating and smacking her 16-year-old son for taking part in violent protests sparked by the death of Freddie Gray, the two spoke with CNN’s Anderson Cooper about what led to the confrontation. The mother, Toya Graham, admitted she “lost it” after seeing her son Michael Singleton Hogan Donna Shop Christmas pick up a rock at a frenzied scene near the Mondawmin Mall.The video earned her the title “Mother of the Year” from many Internet admirers, who praised her for holding her son accountable for his actions. The self-described “no-tolerant mother” said she had no qualms about reprimanding her son in front of a crowd and Hogan Donna Shop Christmas the news cameras covering the protests. Graham told CNN her son was “embarrassing himself by wearing that mask and that hoodie and doing what he was doing.”The original viral video:“She didn’t want me to get in trouble with the law,” said Singleton, who appeared repentant and understanding. “She didn’t want me to become another Freddie Hogan Donna Shop Christmas Gray.”Graham also criticized other protesters, saying the events she saw unfolding on Monday were not an appropriate way of getting justice for 25-year-old Freddie Gray, who died a week after suffering spine injuries while in police custody on April 12. What started as a peaceful protest movement following Gray’s April 27 funeral devolved into a Hogan Donna Shop Christmas violent amalgam of looting, violence and property destruction late Monday night. Community leaders and Gray’s family were quick to condemn the violence, but alleged agreements by gangs in Baltimore to team up and go after police had many concerned the protests would spiral out of control.Police limited their engagement with violent protesters at Monday’s protests, Hogan Donna Shop Christmas but the city enacted a 10 p.m. curfew for the rest of the week. Though protesters largely refused to leave the streets on Tuesday, the demonstrations remained relatively peaceful and dispersed without significant incidents.The video has become a focal point in this week’s violence in Baltimore, and Graham’s Tuesday interview with CBS spoke volumes about Hogan Donna Shop Christmas life in Baltimore's troubled neighborhoods.“There are some days I’ll shield him in the house just so he won’t go outside,” she said. “And I know I can’t do that for the rest of my life. He’s 16 years old, you know.” .