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Hogan Italia Shop Christmas - Codecademy, the startup offering online lessons and tools to help people learn how to code, is adding Python to its lesson line-up starting today. Until now, co-founder Zach Sims says Codecademy has “been focused on client-side languages and markup – javascript, HTML, and CSS.” Starting today, you’ll be able to find user-generated Python lessons on the Hogan Italia Shop Christmas site, and Sims adds, “This is the beginning of new language support on Codecademy – Python is only the first server side language you’ll see.”He isn’t specifically identifying what other languages Codecademy plans to add, but you can see a list of other server-side languages here. The company points to the Codecademy Labs feature announced in Hogan Italia Shop Christmas December as its first step in its direction, since the Labs browser console allowed users to program in Python and Ruby (but there were no lessons until today).Python has been in high demand from Codecademy users from the start, Sims says. This is something that teachers are asking for, too, both at the high school and Hogan Italia Shop Christmas college level. At the same time, Sims says the company’s on-boarding process tries not to overwhelm non-techie users with all the languages they might learn — users start with a JavaScript terminal, and there’s the Code Year program, which mixes training in JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and jQuery. .

Toya Graham made a name for herself Monday night during the Baltimore riots when the mother of six caught her 16-year-old son Michael throwing rocks at police officers. Instead of waiting for authorities to arrest or punish him, Graham disciplined the teenager in front of the crowds at the scene and news cameras – earning a Hogan Italia Shop Christmas mom of the year award from the New York Post.Though Graham got widespread praise and made an appearance on CBS This Morning Wednesday, some are questioning whether the mother’s severe punishment could be classified as child abuse.“If you saw in one scene, you had a mother who grabbed their child who had a hood on his Hogan Italia Shop Christmas head and she started smacking him on the head because she was so embarrassed. I wish I had more parents who took charge of their kids tonight,” Baltimore Police Commissioner Anthony Batts said Tuesday.Those comments didn’t stop some denizens of the Twitterverse from condemning Graham’s actions, with many posting their opposition to the Baltimore mom for Hogan Italia Shop Christmas smacking her son on live television.In another venue Toya Graham would have been arrested 4 child abuse. What we saw was the unpleasant side of discipline, sorely missing today— Rose (@RCamsore) April 29, 2015#momoftheyear Cudos to Toya Graham but know she could be charged 4 child abuse under current laws that prevent parents to discipline kids.— Hogan Italia Shop Christmas Letetia Jackson (@letetiadj) April 29, 2015Toya Graham is being praised for beating her son on television, but she committed child abuse publicly, and nobody is addressing that....— Darian Graivshark (@dariangshark) April 29, 2015We call Toya Graham a hero today but in any other case we'd call it child abuse. Are we hypocrites? #BaltimoreRiots— omekongo (@omekongo) April Hogan Italia Shop Christmas 29, 2015 @CBSThisMorning interviews #baltimoremom Toya Graham, and gives full staff endorsement of child abuse. Disappointed in Charlie and Nora.— RadioRiter (@RadioRiter) April 29, 2015 @claudiajordan The media's a mess. If Toya Graham's actions did not pertain to helping the cops, they would have arrested her for abuse.— Queen (@iamQueensOnly) April 29, 2015 I bet America ain't calling Toya Hogan Italia Shop Christmas Graham's action child abuse tuhh!— Damn Gina! (@NateAnto) April 29, 2015 Most of those observing the riots in Baltimore sided with Graham, with many tweeting their support for the single mother of six.Hope #ToyaGraham's son comes to appreciate that she's a mother who cares and doesn't want to see him become a statistic. #BaltimoreUprising— M E L Hogan Italia Shop Christmas I S S A (@PennyDreadful81) April 28, 2015Also to the son of Toya Graham, you should be happy to have a Mom who cares that much for you. No shame Stand tall #BaltimoreRiots #BMoreMom— Robert (@nygreporter) April 28, 2015@parrny If he were to be arrested for his actions, he would not have been coddled. #ToyaGraham set Hogan Italia Shop Christmas a great example! #BaltimoreUprising— M E L I S S A (@PennyDreadful81) April 29, 2015Graham told CBS she just feared for the safety of her son when she spotted him throwing rocks at police. You will not be throwing rocks and stones at police officers. Who’s to say they don't have to come and protect me Hogan Italia Shop Christmas from something? she added.What did Graham have to say about the national attention she’s received?“I don't feel like a hero. My intention was to get my son and have him be safe. I knew the whole thing was not safe,” she said. .